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Visa/Resident Permit

Passport and visa:

Applicants and students must arrive in Hungary with a passport valid for at least two years. With the exception of students from European Union (EU) countries, a valid Hungarian visa is also required. Students from non-EU countries must apply for a D-5 student visa, even if they would not need a tourist visa to enter Hungary. After having received the "Letter of Acceptance" from the University (issued by the chosen program's office), students should hand in their visa application to the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate of their country, together with the following documents:

  • a bank certificate about the transfer of tuition fee for one semester,
  • properly filled visa application form, (downloadable from: )
  • passport (valid for at least two years),
  • a passport-size photograph,
  • visa fee,
  • an airplane reservation or fare ticket may also be ask for.

D-5 is a multiple entry visa, which entitle students to enter and leave Hungary as many times as they want. Arranging the D-5 visa may take 60 days. It may be granted up to one year during which students have to replace it with a residence permit.

Residence permit

Students from every country, including EU countries, must apply for a residence permit from the Immigration Office of Hungary within 90 days of their arrival or before the D-5 visa expires. For students from non-EU countries, the prerequisite of getting residence permit for the first time is a medical check-up. This must include examination for AIDS (Organon or Elisa method), leprosy (issued by a dermatologist), syphilis (lues-test, Wasserman), typhus and paratyphus (excrement examination) and tuberculosis (X-ray screening). These cost approx. 20,000 Hungarian Forints, but applicants can have these examinations made at home. In the latter case, the results will also be evaluated in Budapest by the National Health and Sanitary Service (ANTSz). For other documents and forms which are required and the details of the procedure please visit the home page of the Office of Immigration and Nationality of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior.

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