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You can be a member of the CMU Alumni Circle in the following ways:

  1. Basic membership: annual fee: HUF 2,000

    You will receive our newsletters every month which contains the current news and events at the UP and a personal membership card. Our newsletter is available in Hungarian at present, but the English version is also coming soon!

  2. Active membership: annual fee: HUF 6,000

    Besides the personal membership card and the quarterly newsletter, the alumni office will send you a copy of UnivCMU (issued every fortnight during the instruction period in both semesters) and a copy of a special magazine issued by your former faculty (if it still exists).

  3. Sponsor membership: annual fee: min. HUF 10,000

    You will receive all the services offered to the active members, and your former faculty will be supported by the surplus amount of the membership fee. This sum is exclusively spent on support for students.

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