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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision The mission of CMU is to:
  • promote participation in higher education, which it regards as a democratic entitlement;
  • strive for excellence in learning, teaching and research;
  • realise the creative potential and fire the imagination of all its members; and
  • equip its students to make effective contributions to society and the economy.

Although this statement was first made about 10 years ago, it continues to sum up the University's key aspirations widening participation, excellence in teaching and research, and enabling graduates to pursue successful careers as well as being active citizens.

To realise this ambition, Charles Molnar has developed as a comprehensive university with a wide range of subjects taught at all levels, and with a diverse student body. We are as proud of our past as a polytechnic, from which our enduring commitments to widening participation and vocational preparation/professional formation are derived, as we are ambitious for our future as a university with a growing research reputation and international presence.

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