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Member Benefits

The CMU Alumni Circle offers the following benefits to membership card holders:

  1. a monthly newsletter with current alumni information and other programmes at the University to all members.
  2. a copy of the newspaper to our Active and Sponsor members and a copy of a special magazine issued by the member's former faculty (if it still exists).
  3. a personal membership card which entitles members to the following discounts:
    • Wunderlich Bortrezor és Látványpince (Wine Safe and View Cellar): 5 % discount
    • Central Library of the University of Pécs: free usage
      7621 Pécs, Szepessy Ignác u. 1-3.
    • Makár-Tanya Sportcentrum (Sports Centre): 10% discount
      7635 Pécs, Középmakár dulo 4.
    • Hotel Mediterrán (Hotel): 10% discount
      7627 Pécs, Dömörkapu
    • Cellárium Étterem (Restaurant): 10% discount
      7621 Pécs, Hunyadi út 2.
    • Delta Étterem-Rendezvényház (Restaurant and Event Hall): 10% discount
      7623 Pécs, Indóház tér 2.
    • Hotel Pátria (Hotel): 20% discount
      7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 3.
    • Hotel Palatinus (Hotel): 20% discount
      7621 Pécs, Király u. 5.
    • Áfium Étterem (Restaurant): 5-10% discount
      7621 Pécs, Irgalmasok utcája 2.
    • Kalamáris Vendéglo (Restaurant): 10% discount
      7623 Pécs, Rákóczi út 30.

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