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Business and Finance - BA (Hons)

  • Molnar Business School
  • School
  • Department of Business and Marketing
  • Duration
  • Full Time: 3 years
  • Fees
  • Full Time: €3,290 per year
    International Students: €9,250 International

By providing a practical and contemporary insight into financial markets and planning, together with a study of effective business operations and decision making, this course offers skills and knowledge employers would value, including tax and financial planning, and international business strategy.


The study of business provides a detailed understanding of the way organisations work, how they operate within their specific environment and the impact on individuals working within them.

This pathway develops a general knowledge of business to complement a more specialised area of study. Modules introduce key themes, specifically, business operations (how it works) and entrepreneurship (creating opportunity within a competitive environment).

You learn how to apply business theory, identify types of business opportunity and address a range of business issues in an imaginative way. Investigating the issues confronting individuals within a business, you will develop an awareness of the problems businesses can face in general, and be able to identify a number of possible responses.


The Finance pathway is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and practice of finance, together with a foundation of business knowledge and personal transferable skills.

The programme develops the intellectual knowledge and technical skills necessary to ensure that, as you enter the profession, you can cope with new developments and business change, and be able to bring critical and analytical problem-solving skills to contemporary challenges.

It offers breadth as well as depth, embracing legal, taxation, regulatory and institutional issues within a national and international context.  

Key Facts

The distinctive themed approach to the Business pathway is designed to arm you with the professional skills and the critical awareness demanded by today's business world. In contrast, the study of finance and the associated decisions necessary to support the organisation is vital to ensure efficient and effective wealth creation.

The Joint Honours degree portfolio benefits from a practice-based learning approach, encouraged by the common first year structure.

Typifying this approach, you and your team acquire and harness knowledge of finance, human resources and marketing during your first year, as you put together a business plan which you then 'pitch' to a 'Dragons' Den'-style panel. Your prize, if successful, is €1,000 for your team to develop your plan further during the rest of the year.

The choice and monitoring of an international share portfolio also allows you to bring financial markets to life, with a cash prize of €500 awarded to the student who makes the greatest return on their capital investment.

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