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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

What is a KTP?

A KTP is a tried and tested three-way partnership between business, the University and one of our graduates (a 'KTP Associate'), and aims to generate innovative ideas to the company. KTP programmes are the most successful government initiative to date that supports businesses throughout Hungary.   

Once a business identifies an area of need or support, the graduate will work on that specific project to achieve a working solution. They typically last between one and three years, during which time both the business and the KTP Associate are supported by academics within the University.

What is CMU's track record with KTPs?
  • We are a leading provider of KTPs in the region
  • Our KTP schemes are award-winning
  • Outstanding, award-winning KTP Associates
What are the benefits for my business?

The benefits are manifold for businesses in any sector. You can:

  • Gain access to experts who can help grow your business
  • Introduce innovations and new technologies in the most cost-effective way
  • Increase your competitive edge
  • Increase your turnover and profit
  • Improve performance and efficiency

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