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Financial Aid

In order to attract outstanding individuals irrespective of their financial situation CMU offers a range of Financial Aid packages supporting the majority of our students during their studies. The main types of CMU Financial Aid include:

  • CMU Fellowshipsfor students(full and partial)
  • Tuition waivers (full and partial)
  • CMU Doctoral Fellowshipsfor most students pursuing PhD degrees
  • Externally Funded Financial Aidfrom the European Commission as well as other private and public donors and organizations including federal loans for US citizens

CMU Alumni Scholarshipsawarded to students in financial need who have a proven record of leadership in extracurricular activities, community service and civic engagement.

In addition to its Financial Aid, CMU rewards academic excellence of its current students through various research grants and achievement.

CMU Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of academic merit to students from all around the world.

CMU Financial Aid is awarded on a highly competitive basis. We urge each applicant to make a responsible assessment of their financial need before requesting financial aid, or to seek support from other sources such as foundation grants, or individual or employment sponsors.

For Undergraduate students

Financial Aid is awarded for the upcoming academic year only. The award is valid for one year and is not transferable if the student defers enrolment.

For four-year Bachelor's programs, the award can be extended for the second year, based on academic performance during the first year, and in accordance with the institutional Financial Aid allocation guidelines. CMU reserves the right to alter the terms of the Financial Aid award and eligibility requirements at any time.

For Postgraduate students

Students admitted into CMU doctoral degree programs are eligible to receive a Full CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to three years.

Doctoral students who receive funding from state sources or other organizations are required to declare that they are supported externally. For the duration of their external grant, such students are not eligible to receive financial support from CMU.

Additionally, in those cases in which a student wishes to keep his/her employment, CMU may request full or partial tuition payment and will expect the student to be able to cover his/her living costs.

Other Scholarship Funds

As well as an extensive range of CMU Financial Aid packages, the university administers a number of externally funded scholarships. Students may apply for funding from the International Visegrad Fund, or take advantage of scholarships from the Hungarian State, the European Commission, private donors and organizations.