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At CMU, we work extensively with the business community, developing and delivering fresh ideas that can help improve turnover, productivity or efficiency.

Whatever sector you work in, the size of your business or the scale of the project we have the expertise to offer specialist support that will help your organisation achieve its goals.

Why Choose Us?

As a University, we are in a unique position when it comes to collaboration: we have the academic expertise and a vast array of high-tech resources that can benefit the business community.

Key to this creative collaboration is the excellent working relationship that is developed between the client, the experienced, world-class academic staff and the talented students. Working together is the cornerstone of our success.

We work closely with organisations, offering tailored solutions, to help them to reach a credible, innovative and practical goal.

How Can We Help Your Organisation?

Any business from a local SME to an international brand can benefit hugely from using the University as part of their business strategy.

No matter how unusual, problematic or challenging the project is, we have:

  • An enviable track-record for coming up with innovative solutions
  • A reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to new ways of thinking to tackle and solve a problem

Not only that, we:

  • Understand business needs and the commercial world
  • Listen carefully to each organisation gaining an in-depth knowledge to assess individuals' goals and aspirations
  • Offer bespoke, tailored solutions that enable us to deliver the right product or service
  • Operate as a partnership with business, building trust and confidence

Consultancy Services

Evaluation service

Ideal to evaluate projects or activities such as value-added of training departments, coaching services, interventions programmes.

Quality assurance review service

A full-scale quality assurance review of internal departments.

Visioning services

A workshop service helping clients identify their audience's requirements can include up to eight stakeholders from any facet of client staff.

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